About the ClemenGold Foundation

The founder of the ClemenGold Foundation, ANB Investments, represents a diversified and vertically integrated agricultural enterprise with a particular focus on the citrus industry. Spanning the entire value chain from the management of intellectual property relating to new cultivars, to plant production, farming and packing, and branding and marketing, the Group has established itself as a market leader through its focus on innovation, people, and the delivery of consistent, superior quality products. Its most successful global fruit brand, ClemenGold mandarins, lends its name to the Foundation. 

The ANB Group’s history shows a journey of being proactively involved in partnering with communities that have been beneficiaries of the land reform process in South Africa, and of reaching out and offering practical and life-changing assistance to the communities surrounding its operations. In each individual company a Corporate Social Investment champion drives their CSI activities – and continues to do so. However, with the rapid growth of the Group it was decided to formalise and potentiate their continued and expanding Corporate Social Investment footprint through the ClemenGold Foundation (founded in 2020).

Our Leadership

Viresh Ramburan

Viresh Ramburan

Chairman of the Board

CEO of ANB Investments

I have always tried to give back throughout my career through time involvement, skills input and financial contributions.

In this way I hope to make a difference to the development of important group initiatives as well as the development and wellbeing of other people.

The ClemenGold Foundation supports the communities where we work and strives to make a difference there.

I am proud to be a founder Director and contribute towards its plans

Joreth Duvenhage

Joreth Duvenhage

Executive Director

Responsible for day-to-day operational management of the Foundation

Giving, helping, doing good…this is me, my passion. I am privileged and blessed to live my dream of being in service of others.

Salwa Petersen

Salwa Petersen


ANB Board member

The establishment of the Foundation is the culmination of the projects and goodwill of the people in the ANB Group, bringing its excellence ethos to supporting vulnerable communities.  I believe that the Foundation will add long term value to the projects it embarks on. I am proud to be part of this initiative.

Abraham van Rooyen

Abraham van Rooyen


Founder of the ANB Group of Companies and non-executive director of ANB Investments

What a privilege to be part of such a wonderful initiative whereby we can make a sustainable impact on people’s lives and well-being. Empowering people through knowledge and experience.

Maanda Phosiwa

Maanda Phosiwa


Lawyer for the Biogold Group of companies housed within the ANB sphere

Charitable giving, to me, is about paying it forward, giving without expecting any return, no adulation or recognition, just lending a helping hand to those in need with compassion and love. Its humanity’s ways of expressing our “ubuntu”, and the African concept of “it takes a village to raise a child”, by creating that village for those unfortunate.

Our Values

Reliable | Catalytic | Authentic | Caring

Reliability speaks to being trustworthy, accountable, and utilising our funds in a responsible manner. We act as a catalyst in communities, creating opportunities that bring about change for a better future. We aim to be authentic in our approach, we’re original and sincere. But most importantly, we care, for everyone!

Our link to the ClemenGold® mandarin brand

ClemenGold® is a well-known global premium mandarin brand owned by the ANB Group of Companies. It is present in more than 30 countries. While the ClemenGold Foundation is an independent legal body, it aligns itself with the values of ClemenGold®:

  • Care – for the people and the planet
  • Excellence – and nothing less
  • Convenience – no mess, no fuss
  • Innovation – celebrating creativity
  • Delight – pure pleasure in every bite

This established and well-loved brand provides international connection and valuable endorsement. The Foundation has received the permission of the brand company to use the name, and the standing of the brand lends gravitas to the mission of the ClemenGold Foundation.

Visit ClemenGold® here:  www.clemengold.com

Our Accreditation

The ClemenGold Foundation was established as an NPC (Non-profit Company) with members and is registered as an NPO (Non-profit Organisation) with registration nr 271-121 NPO. It received its PBO (Public Benefit Organization) registration on 26 March 2021 with registration number 930071725.

Non-Profit Company reg:  2020/491104/08

NPO reg:  271-121 NPO

PBO reg:  930071725

VAT reg:  4660302747

The Foundation has seventeen members with ANB Investments (Pty) Ltd as the founding member.  The other sixteen members are subsidiary companies of the ANB Group, including Biogold International, Du Roi Agritech (nurseries), Indigo Fruit Farming (farming and packing), and Fruitalyst (fruit marketing and branding) etc.

Our Partnerships

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

– Mother Teresa –

The ClemenGold Foundation believes that collaboration is core to making a lasting difference in the lives of people. We embrace and support the good work done by established organisations with years of experience and gladly learn from them. Where new initiatives are needed to address the needs of communities, we initiate projects and garner support from funders or organisations that are able to help us potentiate change.



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