‘Making a difference’ is a sentiment many people and businesses express, but where and how to help?

In a world with a seemingly daunting variety of desperately urgent needs vying for attention and budgets, it is easy to become overwhelmed and then paralysed into doing nothing.

As a registered NPO (Non-profit Organisation) focusing its expertise in the deep rural and agricultural communities of South Africa, the ClemenGold Foundation provides you with the where and how.

The ClemenGold Foundation acts as a catalyst in communities,
creating opportunities, potentiating change,
and co-creating a better future for all.

How the ClemenGold Foundation makes a difference

We establish and support projects in communities to create long-term and sustainable change.

We interact with and assess the needs of communities around the farming and packing operations of our members to determine the most effective way of providing life-changing support, rather than making once-off contributions and donations to projects.

We support communities in a holistic way, starting with Early Childhood Development, developing youth through life skills and leadership development camps, and ensuring well-adapted educated adults in the world.

We address current affairs like vaccination hesitancy and misinformation and have initiated a project in cooperation with the GIZ (German Government) to address this issue on farms.

We partner and collaborate with other foundations and institutions to reach its goals and to avoid duplicating what is already in place.

You can assist. Donate now!

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